Custom labels can be created for your own essential oil blends, product labels, pantry labels, wedding bonbonierre, lip balms, candles and much more. At this stage only straight edge labels are available. I can design other shapes, however they will not be cut out.

Any labels that are designed by me, may be used in other orders. If you would like a design to be exclusive to you, you must provide the completed design. If you are creating your own designs, please make sure they are approximately 2000px.



  • A $15 deposit is required on all custom orders, which will be deducted from your order total. If you are only ordering one sheet, this will be the total of your order.

  • Custom labels are charged at $15 per A4 sheet. There is no minimum number of labels you need to order but the charges are still per sheet.

  • Payment is accepted via PayPal or debit/credit card which is processed through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay by debit/credit card.


  • To place an order for custom labels you need to add ONLY ONE "Custom Labels Deposit" (no matter how big your order is) to your cart and complete the checkout process.

  • This will be the $15 deposit for your order.

  • On the thank you page you will be given a link to complete a Custom Label Order Form. Once the order form is completed, you will receive a confirmation email.

  • I will receive a copy and will be in contact when I am designing your order. If your order form is not received within 3 days after your payment is made, your deposit will be refunded. Please see the order cancellation policy.


Before you complete the order form, please have a read of the information you will be asked for and make sure you have everything ready before you begin.

  • Your name and contact details

  • Your personal logo (if you would like this on your labels)

  • A label design {click here to see my designs} or upload something new for me to create

  • Fonts - you may choose more than one {click here to see the available fonts}

  • The names or headings of your labels

  • The size of your labels - in cm's if they are not a regular size {click here to see regular sizes}

  • The quantity of each individual label

  • The list of ingredients (if you wish to have these on your labels)

  • Instructions on how to use (if you wish to have these on your labels)

There is a section to leave notes on the order form if you need to.

**Please note - EVERY aspect of the order form MUST be completed for me to be able to go ahead with your order. The more information you give me, the faster I can have your labels made. Failure to complete the order form correctly will result in your order cancelled and your deposit refunded - so please follow all instructions. All refunds will incur a $0.30 fee.

you will find the link to the order form on the thank you page after your deposit has been paid.

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