Custom labels can be created for your own essential oil blends, product labels, pantry labels, wedding bomboniere, lip balms, candles and much more.

All labels are water and oil proof, professionally printed and cut.

Any labels that are designed by me, may be used in other orders. If you would like a design to be exclusive to you, you must provide the completed design. If you are creating your own designs, please make sure they are approximately 2000px.


  • Labels are priced individually with a minimum charge of $15. This includes ONE design.
    You may use the same design for different blends/names and this still counts as one design.

  • Extra designs are charged at $5 each. 

  • Payment is accepted via PayPal or debit/credit card which is processed through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay by debit/credit card.

how to order

  • Use the form at the bottom of this page to obtain a quote for your order.

  • Once you have agreed to your quote, I will email you the link to complete a custom label order form as well as a link to complete your payment.

  • Payment is required up front and no design work will begin until payment has been received.

  • I will be in contact when I have received your order form and i am designing your order.

If your order form is not received within 3 days of receiving your payment, your order will be cancelled and payment refunded (less fees - see the refund policy)

Please DO NOT make payment until you are ready to complete your order form.

completing the order form

It is important that you complete the order form in detail and in full so please be aware of what information you will need to have on hand before completing the order form. If your order form is incomplete, you will be asked to start over and complete it correctly.

Please be sure to have the following ready:

  • Your name and email address. (All contact will be made via this email address)

  • A high resolution copy of your logo (if you would like this in your labels)

  • A label design (you can choose from one of my designs, or upload your own)

  • Fonts (you can choose from my fonts or upload your own)

  • Your label names/headings

  • Your label shapes and sizes (in centimetres)

  • The quantity of each individual label

  • ALL information you would like on your labels (for example, ingredients/instructions)

There is a section on the order form to leave notes if you need to.

behind the scenes

As much as I hate to have to write this section - after 2 years building my business I still find I am having to explain myself to people. I am only ONE person and I simply can't spend my time explaining why I do business the way that I here it is straight. Blunt and BS free!

It doesn't happen very often - but when I do get people questioning and criticising my process - it is because the order form is "too hard" or that they "don't have time" to complete an online order form. Which is fine, but this is the way I need to run my business, so if you don't have the time to complete an order form, I don't have the time to explain to you why I can't work with you.

I have tried and tested multiple different ways of ordering, as well as processing deposits and payments and this is the option I have decided to go with.
Quote > Payment in Full > Completed Order Form > Then I will start design work.

If payment is not received in full, I will not begin working on your order.
If the order form is not completed in full, I will not begin working on your order.
If you make your payment but don't complete your order form in full, I will cancel your order.

I am not a large printing company, I am not a family run business, I am ONE person and I am only human. I don't have more time than anyone else. I still have a household to run and two children to raise. I receive hundreds of custom orders and simply cannot waste precious time going back and forth through emails asking for every little detail that should have been on the order form in the first place.

Forgive me for being so blatantly honest and raw, but defending myself and my business is kinda getting old.

Thank you to everyone that is happy to do the right thing and is patient with me when I am under the pump. I appreciate every single one of you!

You will be sent a quote and a link for payment once your order form has been received.

Only use this link if you have spoken with me first.