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Easter labels



Label Lane came about when I first began my essential oil journey with DoTERRA. My amazing enroller had made up her very own 'Getting Started Guide' and of course, I wanted to make every blend in there! But I do love everything to match, so I didn't want to make anything until I knew I could label it all the same.

Although I am not a graphic designer, I do enjoy playing around making designs so I thought I would design my own labels - that way I would have the label template ready to go so any new blends I decided to make in the future would also have matching labels.

I made all my own labels and shared on my personal Facebook page and before I knew it I had friends asking me to make theirs. I designed and printed labels for 3 or 4 people and from there Label Lane grew...and grew...and grew - solely from word of mouth!

I then moved onto labelling other things such as candles, wine bottles, wedding bonbonierre, pantry storage and more!

I am a stay at home Mum with two children. Label Lane has given me the chance to work from home and be able to work around my kids' schooling and all other aspects of family life.



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